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The most enthusiastic up & coming drifter / YouTube'r in WA, Dj laubscher drift

Brent Peters R33 RFB

New blog this time covering one of the most enthusiastic up and coming drifter and YouTube'r in WA, DJ – Johannes is always keen to lend a hand, crack a joke and can speak fluent African bush click language.

 DJ – Give us a brief Introduction about you an your car ?

 My name is DJ, I am 26 and happily married with a young daughter, I am an absolute car nut and love drifting to the point where I would drift for food. #willdriftforfood

I have only been doing it now for around 13 months and have managed to finish up in the D1WA season of 2017 in 10th place in Pro Class.

 My car is a Nissan Skyline r33, factory RB25DET making 330rwhp from around 2800-3000rpm, tuned by the legend at Hyperdrive Andy.

Currently has a 12 y/o GT35 Turbo so goes all alight and scares the LS Earbleeders  .

The most common question i get is "What wing is that", its known as a Bomex Wing - #wingwangwong

 Favorite car related memory ?

Learning to first of drive a manual in a 323 ford laser (fwd) and cutting the roof and smashing it around the farm back in NZ.

Then moving on to a VL commodore with an RB30E in it, doing 3rd tips ins from the gravel driveway into our burnout pad we had hahahaha.

 From there learning moving into drifting here in WA and meeting the awesome people I know now!

 Favorite song ?  hmmm Toto - Africa 

 What do you love about your car?

The fact that its something that alot of people just buy for their motors and also how it blows peoples minds with the power delivery and what it can do on track. #LongLiveFreeWilly #rfb

  What do you hate about your car?

Doesn’t have the mega awesome RB rasp and its so quite even with a 3inch straight through. #6boost #sinco

 who your favourite local driver?

This is a tough one I have 4. 

  • Ken Leong
  • Aidan Friel
  • Brendon Greaves
  • Jordy Hamer

 Who is your favorite international driver?

Chelsea Denofa - just drives so gangster and on full angle and noise all the time 

What would you do if cars didn’t exist?

 Probably build robots hahha


Would do YouTube travel videos or something PS - I do YouTube now, should check it out -Link 

Channel Name: Dj laubscher drift

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