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A Triumph at The Bend: Brent Peters and Damien Croxon Dominate B2 Class in the Luxe Performance Holden Commodore SSV

Brent Peters

This past weekend, motorsport enthusiasts gathered at The Bend Motorsport Park witnessed an outstanding display of skill and determination from Brent Peters and his co-driver Damien Croxon, piloting the #32 Luxe Performance Holden Commodore SSV. Their performance in the B2 class left a lasting impression, securing them a well-deserved victory and showcasing their prowess on the track.

Reflecting on the event, Brent Peters shared his enthusiasm and gratitude for the experience. "It was an awesome weekend," Brent recounted. "The level of driving was the key takeaway for me." He noted the remarkable absence of incidents across the four one-hour races, even under challenging conditions. "To have no incidents, no one sent off, no safety cars—it's a testament to the drivers in the category and the way it is run."

Despite minor challenges typical of high-performance racing, Brent expressed immense satisfaction with their results. "We had some little niggly issues which you get with a car that was built so quickly, but overall, we are stoked and keen to come back and do some more." His confidence in the Luxe Performance Holden Commodore SSV was evident, underscoring its capability and reliability in competitive racing environments.

Brent took a moment to acknowledge the invaluable support from his team and partners. "We are just really grateful also for all the help," he emphasized. "All the racers are awesome, and the organization is awesome, and this facility is just next level." The collaborative effort, including assistance from local apprentices from the TAFE, contributed significantly to their success throughout the weekend. "Thank you to my crew that helped me out also, and to the local TAFE—we had two apprentices from the local TAFE help us out this weekend and they were absolute guns all weekend."

Looking ahead, Brent Peters remains optimistic about future competitions, buoyed by the experience and camaraderie fostered at The Bend. With a winning formula combining skillful driving, reliable equipment, and dedicated support, Brent and Damien Croxon are poised to continue making waves in the motorsport scene.

For Brent Peters and the #32 Luxe Performance Holden Commodore SSV team, this victory at The Bend Motorsport Park is more than just a triumph—it's a testament to their passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, Brent Peters and Damien Croxon's achievement stands as a testament to their skill and determination. As they continue to push boundaries and chase victories, their journey at The Bend Motorsport Park sets a high benchmark for future endeavors.

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