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Sydney 28th to 30th October Rx8 Cup

Brent Peters

We are traveling to Sydney Motorsport Park 28th to 30th October to compete in round 5 of the RX8 Cup Series.  We are working to get the category going over here in WA and part of this was the purchase of two Rx8 Cup cars one has already made it here to WA and the other we have left in NSW to compete there whilst we learn the ropes.  Really looking forward to traveling interstate and running with the teams there to figure these cars out.

Things are progressing well on the cars here the Silver/ orange car has been delivered and hope to have that on the track in the next week as well as the red car build starting. On top of this Ryan Fisher and Laurie Whittome have already signed up and started building cars with cages sorted and on track for them.

Really looking forward to the 2023 race season and seeing what these can do.

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