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Renault Megane RS First Test Wanneroo Raceway

Brent Peters

After 4 months if it being stuck in Victoria I finally got our newest present over and able to drive. For those that don't know we got a bargain at the Lloyds auctions on a Renault Megane RS250 which my lovely wife deemed to be my 40th present from the family.

Story goes this was originally a production race car in Sydney that the new owner in Melbourne had tried to put back to a road car and register, covid hit Victoria hard and the owner abandoned the project and it went to auction. I always watch the Lloyds auctions as I'm on the hunt for a GTR when I saw this as a late entry and after missing out on Ducky's IP Civic thought id have a crack. Anyway Chris an I had the hair brain idea of going an getting it driving my dream track Phillip Island and then The Bend on the way back to WA with it as a boys birthday trip.

Covid wave 2 hit literally the week after the auction and kicked that to the curb, fast forward 4 months and WA Car Carries got it to WA for me. Big shout out to Josh at Lynne Automotive and The man Matt at the Nugget Project for looking after it over there. The end goal with this car is to get it up to scratch for Tarmac rally get it road registered and ultimately have a go at Targa. We have some big goals for 2022 so if this all works out will be a hell of a lot of fun.

Basics on the car 2012 Renault Megane RS250 National Level AGI roll cage. Seats an harnesses Eibach Springs with what looks to be a stock shock After market exhaust (with factory Cat) and a intake Some sort of flash tune with an annoyingly low rev limiter which remined me of my old haltech limiter in the Silvia. Brembo 4 pot brakes with slotted and vented rotors. Foam fire system. Weighs in at 1410 Kg with me in it and 40L fuel so no light weight. Pretty much a standard car and to be honest it is really easy and fun to drive, I can see what all the rage is about with these Renaults in the UK, they're stupid cheap, don't look half bad and just so easy to use.

I averaged 71 second laps at Wanneroo Raceway with the traction and stability control on but when we figured out how to turn that off reeled off a heap of low 69s. I've ordered the new brake pads for it and will do a down pipe on it before the next event, as I didn't like the brake feel and think getting rid of the cat and maybe a intercooler upgrade will open it up a heap top end. Failing that well put a motec in it as I recon there is a easy mid 60 in it without opening the donk and going crazy. Have any questions just give us a shout happy to share what I've learnt so far.

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