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Tech Blog - Bleeding inline hydraulic handbrakes

Andrea Peters

Thought we’d do a short tech blog today to break things up a bit and cover the method for bleeding inline hydraulic handbrakes. 

There a lot of variables when it comes to handbrakes from mounting position, vertical – inline vs dual calliper etc so we wont cover these.

What I personally found is that I developed a bad habit of using the handbrake too much when I had a vertical handbrake with dual caliper's and to help my drifting I went to a more stock style set up with a inline cylinder- this was a pain to bleed up but once set up was a lot less aggressive and I didn’t use it nowhere near as much, relying more on weight transfer and throttle control, we qualified higher and won more battles this way.

Bleeding is the tried and true manual two-person method like normal brake bleeding but --

  • Bleeder open
  • Brake pedal Down
  • Handbrake lever back
  • Lock bleeder
  • Push brake pedal down until it pushes hand brake back to home position
  • Repeat until brake fluid runs without bubbles then repeat on other side.


One last important thing with the inline cylinder set up is to ensure you have a stopper or spring on your handbrake to prevent the piston from over extending under heavy breaking.   All our universal hand brakes come with stoppers.

Free plug – for quick easy install we sell the locally made TCR hand brake mounting kits these mount out universal hand brakes in the stock location for easy clean finish.

Post your hand brake set ups on the Team Luxe Performance page or tag us on Instagram keen to see how people have mounted theirs

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