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Fryday blog one of the younger drifters out there Patrick Barlee Drift

Brent Peters Drift sprintcar

Fryday blog this time covering one of the younger drifters out there – cant wait to the day Postman Pat gets the chance to take on the interstate big boys.

Pat most know your dad and the work hes done in the Speedway world but give us a brief Introduction about you an your car ?

Nissan s13.5

360ci sprintcar motor capable of 9000rpm

T56 with bolt on s1 sequential

Wisefab / mca reds

Winters quick change diff

Built more like a speedway car then a drift car – Brent - go with what you know right.

Favorite car related memory?

After 12 years of driving race cars finally getting my p’s and driving on the road by myself  #freedom

What do you love about your car?

It feels like my old ke55 carolla speedway car to drive but just has a hell of lot more power   -  Brent - Toyota o what a feeling lol


What do you hate about your car?

Can’t do more then 3 laps on a set of tyres  

 What’s your favorite local driver?

The one true legend Danny Probert. When I first started drifting at the age of 14 my brother and I used to share a car and Danny gave me the keys to his XD ford whilst I was waiting for my turn in the car for by far the coolest day of drifting I have had. As I got better Danny taught me to battle and gave me the confidence to get my car on his door as his so consistent and by far my favourite driver to drift with.   –

Brent -  I still remember this day – Danny is hands down one of the OG Gentlemen of the sport

 What’s your favorite international driver?

 My favorite driver would have to be Forrest Wang. His driving style of being on the edge and using all of his car is absolutely awesome to watch   -  Brent - Style King for sure

 What would you do if cars didn’t exist?

Find a way to drift my bmx bike

Cheers Pat – Please jump over to @Patrick Barlee Drift and follow Pats Journey

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