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Friday Blog – Paul Oxley Subi addict

Brent Peters Rally

Brief Introduction about you and your car ?

My first event was when I was 18 navigating in the UK for what we called stage rallying, a bit like Targa West but the events were only single day (and that has just triggered me to realise how old I am) , We also did a lot of servicing for rally cars during events which was always fun ( there are some stories for another time lol). Continued servicing up to 10 years ago when I left the UK for Australia. Spent some time un NSW doing track work before coming back to WA where I was doing a lot of the RAC state and club rounds.  I always wanted to do the Rallysprints but was running a M15 Subaru Sti with full air con and leather and really didn’t want to damage it.  My current car came along as a modified road car and it has progressed from there into a dedicated track/tarmac car. Started to attend as much as I could from then really when funds and time allowed.

Favourite car related memory ?

Bunbury Targa rally sprint this year scaring the bejesus out of Katie my daughter and co driver in a long right hand corner!

 What do you love about your car?

I love the fact I have done most of the work on it….It does go into the workshop sometimes but only when I cannot fix it myself

  What do you hate about your car?

When I am trying to fix it, it fights me all the way!

 What’s your favourite local driver?

Dean Herridge, he gives me so much advise and help and cannot thank him enough. Everybody should have a go to person he has helped me improve no end.

What’s your favourite international driver?

Kimi Raikkonen…everybody wants to be like Kimi right? #iceman

 What would you do if cars didn’t exist?

I cannot even think about that My father told me as a 4 year old I used to lay underneath my pedal cars pretending to fix them… apparently I cried when my mother took me to kindergarten in it and said to the school they could keep it…..   I miss that car… 

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