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local Historic Touring Car racer & Old School Ford tragic Brenden Fickling.

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New blog post covering local Historic Touring Car racer Brenden Fickling. Old School Ford tragic and one of the all-round good dudes of the greater racing community.


Tell us a bit about yourself, what got you into racing;

Born in 1972 to parents who always loved motorsport. Dad raced a FX Holden stock car in the ‘60s and Mum never got beaten off the lights in her XC Fairmont. 

They took me to Drag Racing and Speedway when I was still in a pram. 

I finally got the opportunity to get my own race car in 2014.

My race car is a 1964 Ford Mk1 Cortina G.T. It was built in 1983 as an Appendix J log booked car and has been racing consistently ever since. It was re-bodied in 1999 after a roll over but has kept it original livery for 35 years.

It is now a Group Nb Historic Touring Car with a 1500cc Kent engine, twin 45 Weber carbs, Quaife gears and diff. The little Cortina makes 120hp at the wheels and weighs 910kg.


Favourite car related memory;

Getting my first car. A 1971 Ford Mk1 Escort.   (one of my worst is selling mine BP)


What do you love about your car;

Everything! It’s history, the way it looks, the great sound it makes at 7500rpm and how much fun it is to drive. I also like to tell people this model car won Bathurst 3 times. 1963, 64 and 65.


What do you hate about your car;

The only thing I hate about my car is how much I love it. Because of its age I probably don’t drive it as hard or as fast as I should. Replacement parts and panels are getting expensive and harder to find.


Who is your favourite local driver;

Molly Taylor and David Reynolds.


Who is your favourite international driver;

Dan Ricciardo and the professional fun haver Vaughn Gittin Jr.


What would you do if cars weren’t invented;

No cars?? I guess I’d still be riding my BMX or skateboard.


Make sure you get over to the socials and follow Brenden to keep up to date with his racing and all things Historic Touring cars.

Twitter: @bren_c_f

Instagram: @brenden_46

YouTube: Brenden Fickling #Nb46wa

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