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local drifter, parking guru @Hammer Airport Parking and all round GC.

Andrea Peters Drift lsjuan

New blog post about local drifter, parking guru @Hammer Airport Parking, long time customer and all round GC. 

Jordy give us a brief Introduction about you and your car ?

Hi guys I’m Jordy I’m 32 years old have 2 sons and have been in and out of drifting for ages,  have always loved the 180sx  chassis . My current drift car is a 180sx with wisefab lock, LS1 conversion #ls+wisefab and all  passenger spec safety items like seats n cage .  I have put in alot of research into all the parts I use like the fuelled racing engine kit  , twin 3 in exhaust that’s not the lowest point of the car . sub frame mods sway bar to suit wisefab  etc etc etc

 Favorite car related memory ?

Taking my 2 sons for passenger laps

What do you love about your car?

hmm the LS

 What do you hate about your car?

The wiring arrr so dodgy will get full PSA rewire when I reshell this one

 What’s your favourite local driver?

Sean brooks #manlovemoment

 What’s your favourite international driver?

 Mitch larner  #solid

What would you do if cars didn’t exist?

Cars have been a huge part of my life starting at the age of 10, I got my first car. A Hillman hunter and cars are a huge part of my business (Hamer Airport Parking) I guess without cars id dust off the old BMX lol

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