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Craig and the CK Maloney Surveying SCRAWA GC8 Widebody Subaru

Brent Peters CAMS Race SCRAWA WRX

This blog we're taking the time to find out a bit more about one the the friendliest drivers in the Street Car Racing Association of WA Series 

Brief Introduction about you an your car ?

Craig Maloney is director of his survey firm CK Maloney Surveying and is father to Makayla (nugget) and husband to Kelly. He’s a WA born and bred boy who has always had a love of cars. After competing in timed events and rally sprint series in a Subaru gc he bought over from Victoria, he decided to build a circuit racer.

His black bus is an Impreza rx slightly modified that has been racing in street cars at Barbagallo Raceway for the past 4 years. Slightly modified meaning

full 04 driveline swap, 08 Jdm engine Custom Garrett turbo setup and Intake system

Full abw widebody kit, cage Brakes etc etc the list goes on

 Favourite car related memory ?

Buying an exhaust system for his wife for Mother’s Day and without hardly any knowledge installing it together

 What do you love about your car?

It’s garage built on the floor with my wife and best mates

 What do you hate about your car?

That we started it without the knowledge that we have now. There are so many things that I would change but need the $$$

 What’s your favourite local driver?

Andy Stevens - he looks like he is sitting in a lounge chair when he does a 50sec lap 

 The man is a freak. 

What’s your favourite international driver?

It’s a toss up between Fernando Alonso and Danny ricc! They offer so much personality in an otherwise devoid sport.

 What would you do if cars didn’t exist?

Be a Fighter pilot  - Maverick

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