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Lauren Cornes and her Unicornes Motorsport 350Z

Brent Peters 350Z CAMS

 Just in time for Christmas is our latest blog post about our good mate Lauren and her Unicornes Motorsport 350Z . Lauren has been a mate for a while now she has been key in keeping our interest in the State Speed Event Series through her role in CAMS with Motorsport development. 


Give us a bit about you?

 I've been around the car scene for a while now and was dabbling a bit in motorsport a few years back, but then had a big long break while I had my three boys. I'm starting to get into it again. I do sprints, hill hillclimbs and tarmac rally. I'm also lucky enough to work in motorsport, - not sure how I swung that one. I'm supported by my long suffering husband Paul who is usually left holding the babies while I go have fun. 


Whats your Favourite care related memory

Getting my licence. I had been counting down the years to go from about age 8. I've been lucky enough to have many adventures in motorsport so there's a lot of really good memories, but getting my licence is what kicked all those off. 


What do you love about the car ...

I love that it is a rock up and race, and then drive it home kind of car. It's just solid and the brakes hold up well over many laps. It's fun around the corners.

What do I hate ...

I hate that it's missing a turbo (which is probably why it is so reliable but I want more power dammit). 


Whos your favourite local driver...

I'm not sure I'm allowed to have favourites. I'm in awe of most to tell you the truth - the list of those who are more talented than me behind the wheel is long. 

And International driver ...

Jenson Button. Fun fact, my second child is named after him. 


What would you do If cars didn't exist ...

I'd probably be a starving artist of some description who plays ice hockey in her spare time.

We’re super pumped that Lauren has chosen us to supply some of the safety gear for the 350Z and look forward to getting the AGI half cage in for the next rally sprint. IMO you can’t beat a black Nissan on polished work wheels 😁 a timeless combo.

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