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Vertical Hydraulic Handbrake 335mm handle


* 0.70 cylinder

* Alloy anodised handle

* Adjustable mechanism

* Powder coated frame

* Colour: Black

* 335mm handle 

Description: This handbrake is specially designed to be mounted vertically, as preferred in many motorsport applications such as motorkhana, rallying and drifting, focusing on precision handling and optimum control. Professional installation is highly recommended

thread sizes Outlet 3/8 24  - Inlet 7/16 20

Method for Bleeding inline hand brake;

Manual two person method like normal brake bleeding but --

  • Bleeder open
  • Brake pedal Down
  • Handbrake lever back
  • Lock bleeder
  • Push brake pedal down until it pushes hand brake back to home position
  • Repeat until brake fluid runs without bubbles

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