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SCHROTH FHR specifi c 6-point Profi harness

SCHROTH Flexi 2x2 Professional FIA Harness


* Latest FIA Standard FIA 8853-2016

 * The harness features 2” (50mm) shoulder belt

 * 2” (50mm) flexi lap belt lap belt.

 * Pull Up adjustors

 * FHR Compatible

 * Lightweight German engineered proven Schroth quality

 * quick release cam lock buckle

 * Snap fittings at each end

 * Roll Cage wrap around friendly

 * Meets the highest level of CAMS schedule I

 The Schroth Flexi is the benchmark for professional racing harnesses


In a crash, the sudden change in speed and direction can put massive force one the occupant’s body, causing injury or even death. The role of a harness in a crash is to prevent the mass of your body from moving within the seat and car. The wide straps of a racing harness spread the force across the driver’s hips, shoulders and chest, some of the strongest parts of the body. A quality certified Harness is an item that no driver should ever have to use, but, if you need it, you will be glad you have it.  


Don’t cheap out on budget counterfeit eBay copy’s it could cost you and your passengers life.


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