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Kryo Cooling 2-Person System


Kryo Ice Cooler System is a 19Qt/18Lt size. It can be secured in a mounting tray or can be carried. The most common size cooler is the 19Qt/18Lt, representing approximately 85% of chillers in use. When space is limited or cooling times are short, the 19Qt/18Lt cooler is a good choice.

Cooler Electrical
The Engel cooler operates on 12V DC power and draws approximately 1.5 amps. 
It has a 6″/15cm electrical power cable ending in a locking female jack to accept the 36"/90cm power outlet adapter. *Power Extension cables available in accessories

The Engel Cooler is insulated with heavy-duty, closed-cell, EDM foam that protects the water lines and keeps the water cold. All fittings are dry-break. The water flow stops when disconnected. They are also emergency release. Give them a sharp pull and they will disconnect.

A 8ft Two-person dry-break insulated hose allows two people to connect to the cooler box.

System Includes:
1 x 19Qt Engel Chiller box
1 x Mounting Tray and straps
1 x 8ft two-person insulted hose
1 x 12v Power Outlet Adapter (cigarette lighter fitting)
Shirts not included.


Two Person systems are to order only, please contact to place order

Additional components availble - just ask

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