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Harness Mounting Plate


* G350 3mm plate

* Tig welded Grade 12.9 High Tensile nut

* 7/16" UNF nut per international standards to suit harness eye bolts (not included)

* 60x80mm with radiused edges

* Exceeds CAMs schedule I requirements

*Locally made here in Perth by TCR #racers supporting racers

*Colour- BLACK

Description: A Harness mounting plate is an effective and cheap way to for installing harnesses to the floor of your vehicle. Many factory bolting points don’t meet the angles required or are none existent when putting in a race seat in i.e. tunnel side mount or crotch strap mounts.

These are made by local racer/ engineer Brad at Team Cusco Racing and meet and exceed CAMs schedule I requirements.

Note many off the shelf harness plates are to the old spec and are not big enough or do not have the radiused edges don’t get caught out.


Great for Motorkhana, drift, rally, track days

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