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Arai Duel Plan Anti-Fog Visor for GP-7 Helmets

Arai Duel Plan Anti-Fog Visor for GP-7 Helmets


Arai Replacement Dual Pane Visor For GP-7 Helmet is a two layer construction that creates an airtight chamber between the panes to effectively eliminate fogging. The visor is designed to fit straight onto Arai GP-7 helmets with no modifications needed

Does not fit CK-6 GP6 or GP-5 series

Why Arai?

5 TIMES INSPECTED Yes. Not once, but a total of five times. Every Arai helmet is inspected by different quality inspectors. In addition, from ribbing in the shell to the area of ​​paint, from shell inspection to final inspection, whenever a craftsman works on a helmet, he inspects it in detail to ensure the customer gets a perfect finished product. In every Arai you will find the signature of the man who made it.

WHY THE ARAI RACERS HELMETS ALL THE SAME AS THEY ON THE MARKET The Arai helmet that you can buy from your local dealer is the very same helmet as the racers in F1, Indycar, Nascar, MotoGP, WSBK, BSB, etc. No special, this is a racer-only models with some resemblance to those you is the color scheme. It is no coincidence that more than half of all Formula 1 drivers prefer to wear Arai. This fact should tell you a lot about Arai and her standards. In the words of Mr. Mitch Arai, the president and the founder's son: "How can you say one person's head is worth more than another?"

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