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Tyre Pressure Gauge


* Quality bronze Bourdon Tube gauge design ensures accuracy is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude

* Fully geared, solid brass precision movement

* Protective rubber gauge guard

* Easy to read 0-60 PSI range

* Certified accuracy - ANSI B 40.1

* 360 Degree swivel chuck and reinforced rubber hose

* Thoroughly designed and tested to ensure accuracy

* Gauge reset / vent button

* Handy protective carry case

Description: This quality, reliable tyre pressure gauge is the ideal way to accurately measure your tyres' pressure. Tyre pressures are a critical part of any vehicle, as the incorrect tyre pressure can not only reduce fuel economy and tyre wear, but also affect handling in a very negative way. When it comes to motorsports and off road use tyre pressures become even more critical to insure your set up is right.

A decent tyre gauge is a must have for any serious racer to ensure your spot on when you're making adjustments at the track or off road.

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