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Safety Tie Wire Pliers (includes wire)


* High carbon steel with heavy duty polished locking jaws

* Available in 6 and 9 inch sizes

* Pliers lock wire together and use the spring loaded pull arm to perfect spin and tighten the wire

* Supplied with locking wire in a plastic dispenser

* Stainless steel locking wire 0.75mm X 25ft                    

Description; These great safety wire pliers are more or less three tools in one as it incorporates a wire cutter, wire twister and a pair of pliers.   

These 6" / 9” pliers allow for safe wiring (Lock wiring) of fasteners where needed rapidly and consistently saving you time on the job.

To operate, just grasp wire with pliers and lock, pull handle end and it puts any many number of twists needed. Pliers have a spring loaded return.

Original Designed for the aircraft industry they were quickly adapted and used in Motorsport were safety wiring of fasteners is needed. Our safety wire pliers are extremely easy to use a must for any Motorsports mechanics and racers.

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