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Round FIA Rain light and flush mount bracket


* Ultra bright 50 led light

* 3D printed bracket to suit flush mounting these on any car 

* MSA/ FIA Homologated

 * Flat Mount

 * Supplied with resistors.

Description; This rain light meets the CAMS schedule c for circuit racing and is FIA approved – no;MSA/RWL/20/03.   NOTE: this requirement for a rearward facing red warning lamp (rain light) will be compulsory for each automobile in a race category as of 01/01/2020.

The Nugget Project 3D printed bracket to suit flush mounting light with out it looking out of place. 


 This 52mm round 20cm2 light has 50 Bright LED's. Strong construction with mounting lugs. Holes are 60mm PCD and outside dimension of tabs is 70mm.


The rainlight is supplied with 2 resistors these must be wired in series on the 12v live feed (red wire). The white wire should be terminated at a suitable earth on the vehicle.


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