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Race Starter Panel - Ign, Starter, 3 x Acc


* Aluminium Panel with Carbon Look

* Voltage: 12v-24v

* Max. Current Rating: 10 Amps for 24V   -   20 Amps for 12V

* Missile Ignition Switch:

- Switch Type: Rocker Switch with ON-OFF Function

- LED Colour: RED - LED is active when switch is in the ON position and powered

- Maximum Rating: 20A

* LED Engine Start Switch:

- Switch Type: Push Switch Momentary (ON)-OFF

- LED Colour: RED

* Auxiliary Toggle Switches X 3 

- Switch Type: Rocker Switch with ON-OFF Function

- Maximum Rating: 15A

Description: Pre built panel making it really easy to wire a start button and auxiliary circuits into your race car.  We have used these on Excels and IP cars making adding in rain lights and demisters easy.

As with any motorsport wiring, qualified help must be sort to save burning your pride and joy to the ground.

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