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Penrite Brake Cleaner



P26 Brake & Parts Cleaner is suitable for cleaning brake disk rotors, brake drums, brake callipers, sliding pins, hub & bearing assemblies, wheel cylinders, brake pads and linings and clutches prior to assembly and for servicing. It can also be used for the cleaning of all oil, grease & grime from soiled parts. It is especially suitable for all maintenance and repair work on Brakes, clutch and engine parts but also for the thorough cleaning of machine parts, tools and all types of equipment. It can also be used on other soiled engine and drive train parts that require cleaning for service or maintenance. It is ideal for removing grease and other contaminants from CV joints and universal joints.


P26 Brake & Parts Cleaner is ideal for cleaning surfaces prior to using sealants or gaskets as it cleans and dries residue free. It can be used on engine blocks, cylinder heads, inlet and exhaust manifolds, water pump and thermostat housings, engine & gearbox sumps and Differential housings.



Set nozzle to spray position

Apply to the parts to be cleaned.

Allow the grease, oil, dirt to run off or wipe clean.

If heavily soiled a repeat application may be necessary.

Note: Protect painted surfaces, rubber and plastics from overspray.

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