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Hyundai Excel X3 Gauge Pods - single piece to suit 2x 52mm gauges


* 3d printed in PETG, a strong heat resistant plastic

* To fit 52 mm Gauges   


These are the new generation of gauge pod from The Nugget Project. These replace the centre vents in an X3 Hyundai Excel. Making things quick and easy mounting Water/ Oil temp & pressure gauges etc. As a bonus these gauges are angled towards the driver. 

We have test fitted four different brand 52mm gauges in these and all  fitted perfectly, however you may need to run a line of tape around your gauge if they are too loose or give the inside of the pod a light sand if too tight.

There will be fine 3d printing lines in these and are intended for race car use, however you can sand them down and paint them if you want a smoother finish.

being single piece they are difficult to fit with the dash I place due to access to the vent screws an we recommend fitting with the dash out - unless your a contortionist 


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