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Heat Shield Wrap (valcro)


* SIZE: 30MM x .9 M

* Fireproof, Oil Resistant, Light Weight

* Rated for Extreme Heat

* Reflects over 90 % of Radiant Heat.

* Better durability than heavy silicone tape, sleeves are lightweight.

* Easy to install wraps over wires, cables and hoses. 

* Designed to provide maximum heat reflectivity while also protecting from chemical, oil leaks & spills, dirt, road grime and other underhood hazards

* Same as Heat Sleeve but with the added convenience of hook & loop closure design along the open edges.

Perfect for wiring, fuel lines, brake lines, intake tubes, pipes, spark plug wires, battery cables, A/C hoses, and more. For best results seal the sleeves at each end with adhesive foil tape, shrink tube or stainless steel cable ties.

Sleeves are conductive always insulate electric terminals that it might come in contact with sleeves.



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