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Universal Push Button Billet Bonnet Pins


* Low Profile Push Button Pin sets (sold as a pair),

2 X latch mechanisms,

2 X retaining rings,

4 X 7/16" stainless steel nuts,

4 X 7/16" stainless steel washers,

4 X 10x32x1" set screws

2 X two hood pins

*Low Profile Dimensions:

2.50 Inches Upper Latch Mechanism Diameter

2.20 Inches Lock Ring Diameter

1.15 Inches Latch Mechanism Height

2.88 Inches Mounting Stud Length

* Anodised Black finish

These revolutionary new fasteners provide a neat and quick release alternative to traditional bonnet pins or panel fasteners. The ball and socket allow for high levels of misalignment making them ideal for awkward panel shapes.

The quick release pins can be fitted on panels up to a maximum thickness of 10mm and the threaded pin has a length of 105mm for a wide range of mounting options for Bonnets, Boots, Hatch’s, body panels. When used on bonnets as with all bonnet retention systems (especially when racing) we recommend a secondary bonnet catch be used either the factory catch or a tether arrangement (we personally us a stainless trace wire style tether with a clip).

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