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Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub


* 3.3 inch (Diameter) x 2.7inch (Height)

* High Quality Made of aircraft grade aluminium

* Fast detach allows steering wheel to be removed quickly

* Ball-Lock type mechanism for best locking fit and usability* Clean race look Black Anodized finish

* Push-pin security feature prevents premature unlocking

* Bolt in application no welding needed

* Fits any 6 Hole Hub adapters and steering wheels with a 70mm bolt pattern - MOMO -OMP - Sparco

* Package include:1 Quick Release Kit + Bolting kit (as pic)

* Anodized Black finish

Description: Great way to easily remove your steering wheel making it easier to get in and out of race cars with roll cages. This quick release kit is a great bolt in option for people that what to keep that stock steering assembly without welding a spigot to the steering shaft. Note with this kit you will not be able to use the factory horn button or steering wheel control wiring - for offroad/ race use. 

Note - Nardi steering wheels have a 74mm bolt pattern which is different to most and do not fit these. We do have adapters available if you wish to run a Nardi wheel with these quick releases.

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