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Competition Components Quick Release Steel Bonnet Pins


* Heavy Duty zinc coated Steel Bonnet pins with the clip retained in a stainless steel mounting plate

* Pin length 5 inches

* Package includes:

2 X pins,

2 X catches,

4 X washers,

4 X nuts

6 X Screws and retainers

Available in Silver Only 

Description: A very robust and reliable way to secure your bonnet, a must for any race car especially where carbon fiber or fiberglass bonnets are used. 

These are the original English made Competition components Steel Bonnet pins as used by top race teams world over - not to be confused with the cheaper aluminium pin sets. 

As with all bonnet retention systems (especially when racing) we recommend a secondary bonnet catch be used either the factory catch or a tether arrangement (we personally us a stainless trace wire style tether with a clip).

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