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Bonnet Pins - Hair Pin Traditional Style – Stainless Steel


* Traditional style Stainless Steel Bonnet/ Hood Pins

* 0.438 in in Diameter, 3.9" Pin Length

* Material: Stainless Steel

* Comes with 1 pair of hood pin including:

 2 X Threaded Pins

 4 X Nuts,

 2 X Scuff plates

 7 X Sheet metal screws

 2 X Hair pins

2 X Lanyard cables


Description: These are a very robust and reliable way to secure your bonnet, a must for any race car especially where carbon fiber or fiberglass bonnets are used. We got these in as recommended/ requested by the street stock racing guys to complement the ally pins we hold in stock. We use these on our own race car and have had now issues with them - tested at over 228kmh for over 100 laps.


 As with all bonnet retention systems (especially when racing) we recommend a secondary bonnet catch be used either the factory catch or a tether arrangement (we personally us a stainless trace wire style tether with a clip).



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