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E85 Fuel Lube


* Australian Made

* 100% Soluble will not settling in tank

* protects and lubricates all fuel systems components

* Ratio is 50ml to 20 ltrs

  • 150ml to an average 60ltr tank
  • 500ml bottle will treat 200 ltrs

* easy to use mixing bottle

E85 Fuel Lube has been specially formulated for use in E85 fuels without affecting fuel Quality. E85 Fuel Lube adds lubrication to fuel while helping to reduce wear on engine components. E85 Fuel Lube is designed to stop fuel gelling and will not settle at the bottom of fuel tanks. Adding lubrication and protection to electric fuel pumps and injectors, E85 Fuel lube will leave a protective lubricating film behind when the fuel has evaporated and then disolve in the presence of new fuel.   "E85 Fuel Lube is superior protection for your fuel system"

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