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Deutsch DT Plug Connector Kit with Crimp Tool -280+ Pc Set

No need to worry about your wiring connector issues anymore, sit back and admire your next electrical project knowing you've used these high quality low cost electrical connectors.

Deutsch plugs are perfect for looms exposed to heat, vibration or liquid and is the reason why professional race teams ave been using these connectors for years.

• Low cost
• Able to cope easily in high vibration applications. No unlocking or physical damage after sinusoidal vibration levels of 20 Gs at 10 to 2000Hz
• Waterproof-Correctly wired & joined they will withstand 1 meter under water without loss of electronic qualities or leakage
• Easy to install
• Gives a professional look to wiring circuits.
• Fluid resistance- Shows no damage when exposed to most fluids in industrial applications.
• Operating temperature of -55c to +125c continuously at rated current
• Durable- No electrical or mechanical damage after 100 cycles of joining & pulling apart.

The DT Deutsch electrical kit includes

• 5 x DT06-2S 2-way plug with wedge lock

• 5 x DT04-2P 2-way receptacle with wedge lock    

• 4 x DT06-3S 3-way plug with wedge lock                                                

• 4 x DT04-3P 3-way receptacle with wedge lock

• 4 x DT06-4S 4-way plug with wedge lock

• 4 x DT04-4P4-way receptacle with wedge lock

• 4 x DT06-6S 6-way plug with wedge lock

• 4 x DT04-6P 6-way receptacle with wedge lock

• 2 x DT06-8S 8-way plug with wedge lock

• 2 x DT04-8P 8-way receptacle with wedge lock

• 2 x DT06-12S 12-way plug with wedge lock

• 2 x DT04-12P 12-way receptacle with wedge lock

• 120 x 1060-16-0122   Stamped or Solid machined Male Terminal based on selection

• 120 x 1062-16-0122  Stamped or Solid machined Female Terminal based on selection

• 1 x  crimp tool (stamped or EZ crimp based on selection)

• 1 x 15 compartment heavy duty case with removable partitions.

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