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Stewart Baehnisch Drift Gemini

Brent Peters

To celebrate selling one of the new Stand 21 Hans to our Darwin friend Stewart, we thought we do a bit of a write up, let us know if you want to see more of this sort of stuff.

After a big lock up and face to face meeting with the Armco a while back Stewart has ordered the latest Stand 21 Club Series 2 Hans Device, the club series 2 is unbelievable light at 750 grams making it the lightest entry level hans on the market.

Stewart is an Upholsterer by day and mad Isuzu Gemini fan by night, Stewart has been kicking around the Darwin drift scene for as long as I can remember. Quick facts;

Favourite drink- Monster Energy

Favourite driver local- “Shane (shaneo) Davidson just because he doesn’t have a massive build of a car and pushes it to the limit and is so consistent. He should go back to a VL instead on the 31 looked so much better”  (brave man).

Favourite driver famous- “well it would be Keiichi Tsuchiya (DK), bringing the sport into the mainstream and its just exploded. Watched drift bible like it was the only thing when I was young. Still in the dvd player and my shed and just plays on repeat while I’m working on the car.”

Stewart keeps a separate locked race car account to help save for bigger ticket items (wish I was this organised) which he says helps him stop frittering his money away on the lil shiny bits haha,  We all should do this.

Look forward to catching up with Stewart and the Top End Drift Association crew when were in Darwin later this month for the 2017 Drift State of Origin– cant wait.

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