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Reflect-A-Gold Heat Wrap

Brent Peters #luxeperformance Drift heat wrap Reflect-A-Gold

Too much radiant heat can kill horsepower and damage sensitive components. Reflect-A-GOLD, a self-adhesive race film goes a long way to protect and fight of the horse power killing radiant heat.

Clearance is often an issue for getting enough insulation or heat shielding in place especially with cramped Import engine bays, this is not a problem with Reflect-A-GOLD. It is lightweight easy to trim and formable to almost any shape just like using a vinyl wrap.  It provides long term heat protection reflecting 70% of radiant heat.

We have stocked both the self-adhesive sheet and tape for a year now and have had great success in our own car, and have many national level cars using it for firewalls, fuel cells, engine covers, intakes, air boxes, chassis/ firewalls and even the bottom of seats.

Reflect-A-GOLD was developed initially for aerospace and is made from a metalized polyamide polymer laminate glass cloth, the film is capable of reflecting heat consistently exposed to temperature up to 850°F (454°C). The high-temperature pressure-sensitive adhesive is protected by a release liner rated up to 325°F (163°C).

Make sure you check out the Reflect-A-GOLD tape and sheet along with exhaust wrap and sleeves and other great products in our Thermal Protection range.

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