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Parry's K20a KG Civic Race Car - Keep it Simple

Brent Peters

Caught up with Parry Hatsiyiannakis aka George Costanza, aka the burger king, aka IPRAWA Prez at last week’s open tuning day at Wanneroo Raceway.  This was great timing as it was just before this weekends Improved Production Association of WA Tander Cup.

Got a chance to talk about his car and what is quickly becoming one of the more fun and popular track car conversions around here. Parry's EG Civic runs a basically stock K20a an 6 speed with a patch harness and Hondata ecu. State level AGI bolt in cage and Velo seat. Along with a few other race car necessities makes for a reliable, fun and fast package that can be raced in most category's from entry level time attack to full on door to door Improved production.

Bang for buck its pretty dam hard to beat imo. If you see Parry at the track make sure you say gday he's one of the nicest bloke around.

Make sure you check out the video

If your thinking about building similar give us a shout we supply many of the bits as seen in Parys car.


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