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New Universal Side Lift Trolley Jack Pad

Andrea Peters #Racerssupportingracers Jack safety

We all love a good news story, this one’s a bit different than most and as a result we now have Guerrilla Automotive Innovation Products in stock

Why is this good news story, well for two reasons?  Firstly we found out about GAI though a typical Facebook competition (the power of social media) that Brent had entered with a killer shot of the Luxe Performance Skyline, luckily Brent was one of 3 winners which lead us to learn more about this great product and the second reason why this is a good news story.

Guerrilla Automotive Innovation is a small South Australian based company manufacturing their products in Australia from Australian materials rare in this day and age.  GAI also have an environmental conscience and are committed to a greener future in the automotive industry. We are proud to offset our carbon dioxide emissions by purchasing trees. With their core products have further commitments attached to them, such as their jack pads (48kg CO2 or one tree per 3 jack pads sold).

We have the GAI Universal Side Life Trolley Jack pads in stock and ready to ship. These are a must have product for home mechanic's, professional workshop's and car enthusiasts. The GAI Universal Side Lift Jack Pad protects your pinch welds from unnecessary bending and damage when using a trolley jack on the factory lift points. Made from 100% polyurethane to ensure it can stand up to the trials of a workshop.

Check them out here -

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