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Excel Cup Enduro Re Cap

Brent Peters Excel race

We have had the excel out a couple of times, but this was the first time we have used it in Door to Door racing – Luckily we had a solid team to run the car with Paul Passaris organising Brock Giblin from QLD to come drive along side Geoff Duckworth.

Brock spent Thursday with his Dad (excel Ninja Peter Giblin) setting up the car to suit him with a bigger seat and steering wheel quick release along with dialling in a bit of a different alignment to suit his driving style.  Topped the day off with a few drinks and a big dinner at the Geenwood thanks to Brock.

Friday open practice was nothing but issues, we stripped the timing belt thanks to a lost 10mm, had some wiring issues after the repair (me crushing the cam angle sensor in the rocker cover) and a couple of small brake issues. Luckily again Peter was on top of things and its safe to say I learnt more about excels on Friday then I had ever wanted to know.

Saturday was far better with the car performing much better allowing Brock to try dial it in, first practice out Ducky had a steer and already beat my time in the car by a second,  Race one Brock keep going quicker and quicker keeping the car clean and improving each lap, which was positive  - the only really issue on Sat was rear brake adjustments and a oil change overnight.

Sunday saw two more 8 lap races and then the final 40 lap Enduro. The Enduro had a set of rules to mix things up a bit,  mandatory pit stop between lap 10 and 30 with no fuel and the driver that started race three on Sunday had to start the enduro.  The car went well on Sunday zero damage other than a cooked front right tyre.  The pace over the weekend was intense for the excels with the track record being re written each race and several times in the enduro.   Brock safely got the #teamLuxeperformance car down to a 73.9 second Lap which is a massive achievement prior to the race weekend the cars PB was a 75.9.  The final position for the Enduro doesn’t show what the team achieved there was a safety car on lap 13 where most teams pitted,  Brock came in during this but went back out and continued to Lap 30 making the most of his time in the car and getting up to 5th place, after the Driver change at Lap 30 Ducky pushed hard but unfortunately came off on Cat Corner (due to that wear on the front right)  that’s motorsport it’s a cruel mistress – I’m extremely proud of the team and how the car performed, it came home with Zero panel damage despite some hard racing and proved to be on the pace.

Theres a few people who I need to mention – We had a Team, not only the drivers and Pauls Family but a team of helpers some new to Motorsport.

Damien for DC Auto Center taking the lead with Peter while I was tied up with the Luxe Performance trade stand, thank you Damo you’ve been at the track with me since I first moved to Perth I couldn’t do what I do with out your Mechanical support.  

Greg Gummunyu – Greg is one of the WASCC Volunteers who asked to help to learn more about racing, man what a score Greg is not only quick but knows the track a asset to the team thanks Greg you're always welcome to help us out and recommend you for any team needing a pair of hands.   

Mason Welsh – Randomly at Pauls home working on the car Friday night instead of drinking beer watching the footy with the other kids Mason wanted to help and learn so we dragged him to the track Mason is an apprentice Mechanic from The Local Garage in West Leederville – he was not only good on the tools but keen – between each race session the wheels where torqued, fluids checked and tyre pressures recorded and adjusted. Again, what more could you want Mason thank you.

Peter Giblin – Excel Ninja – thank you Peter for turning around a brand-new car and dialling it in the experience you brought to the weekend was a god send.  I said it then and ill say it again if we put that much work into the skyline on a race weekend, we be pushing the SR boys a lot harder.

Brock, Jimmy and Wombat – always awesome to talk to professional drivers – you taught me a few things about our own track and good to see some synergy on the perfect line :P

Paul Passaris, I have said thank you many a time but THANK YOU – you have been on this crazy excel idea since the start – keen to get the second one finished.  You and your family are a true credit to the Excel series and WA Motorsport.

Lastly our Sponsors for this project - Penrite Oil for the best fluids in the game, DC Auto centre for the mechanical work along with Natrad Morley and Bursons Osborne Park for all the parts.

Cars getting a service and new tyres ready for the next event, we'll have a break for a bit and focus on finishing the Commodore and with some luck getting the skyline back out.

Please if you have any questions about the excel or racing excels don’t hesitate to ask, it’s a great entry level sport run by a great club.  The racing is strong with some real stars in the ranks.



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