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D1WA's Come FRY in July open practice day.

Brent Peters

What a wicked event, all day drifting with 3 different layouts running simultaneously. passenger rides and free spectator entry what more could you ask for? D1WA had 68 entrants for the day which is great for the sport and showing the strength at which drift is growing in WA. I went for a couple of laps of the Turn 7 layout with long time mate and D1WA president Jordy Hamer. Jordy's lil s14 has a Sr2.2 Garret G series Turbo with 360hp at the feet on low boost, wise fab front and drift works rear makes it the perfect track time weapon. Seriously forgot how much fun draft prac is especially with such solid drivers as Chris Day in the 370z. I really need to pull finger and progress the R32 coupe so we can get the old sedan back drifting. Again thanks Jordy an the D1WA crew for doing what you do. Make sure you check out their page. 

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