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Cut Snake Racing #21 Sponsorship

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As mentioned in the last blog, we said we would give you an update on what’s going on with our sponsorship program.

We have several opportunities going on at the moment and will cover each one in future blog posts but for today would like to welcome Anthony from Cut Snake Racing to the Luxe Performance team.

Anthony races the tidy blue #21 VX Commodore Street Stock and although he campaigns all across WA he calls the Ellenbrook Speedway home.

We chose to offer Anthony an affiliate sponsorship program based not on his track performance, but on his attitude, keenness and community spirit. Anthony has been given the Club Presidents award twice for his efforts in supporting and volunteering for the club. This community spirit and effort is often overlooked by many racers but is really important to us, as it shows a true passion for the sport.

Anthony has been racing for over 11 years, this family addiction started when he brought a VH commodore from his brother in law back in 2004.

One of the aspects of the street stock category which currently runs in WA, SA, NT, Tasmania and Victoria, is unlike all other Speedway Sedans in Australia, Street Stock must be able to race in both directions – this is determined by the toss of a coin prior to each race, heads anticlockwise or tails clockwise. The toss of the coin will occur just before the cars enter the track, to ensure no modifications can be made prior to the race. This sort of fair open playing field we like, similar to the tyre rules many drift clubs are adopting these days.

Anthony has been kitted out in some of our must popular race wear and really look forward to seeing how the Skeleton Race Gloves look on his in car videos.

Please join us in welcoming Anthony to the team and check out his Facebook page @Cut Snake Racing to keep up to date with all the action. #cutsnakeracing21

As always please keep your feedback coming and let us know what you’re working on, don’t forget to sign up for updates and specials HERE.

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