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Castor mods worked #blazefordays #keepdriftingfun

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Bit of an update on how the R32 Sedan Drift Car went at the D1WA Matsuri event and some follow up testing we did at Ken Leongs Drift school on the weekend.

Following the mods we covered in the last Blog, we are proud to say that with the help of DC Autos we are moving in the right direction, alignment wise we ended putting 8.2⁰ Caster, 4⁰ Camber and 2mm toe out each side into the front. In the rear we kept the same 0.3⁰camber and 1.5mm toe in each side.

Had a blast at Matsuri smashing 160L of e85 & 16 tyres, even managed to keep the aero intact until the last run of the weekend, things got a bit silly when I got to take out noble CFCD drifter Guy from NZ.

The fact that the aero stayed on is no easy feat in a drift car and shows we are on the right track. I spent very little time off the track and the car felt great, the front was very planted and felt as if I had far more steering control then I’ve ever had before. 

As mentioned, we were lucky enough to be invited to Ken Leong’s Drift School to beat on his school course set up, this is a lot tighter and more technical then a full flowing circuit. This showed that the front end was doing the right things and I felt comfortable having a ball with a few of the local regulars.

What’s next ??? What I did find is the back now feels like it loads up a lot more, almost feeling like body roll on hard flicks. To move forward with this we are taking some weight out of the back and getting it lower with the new fiberglass wide body over fenders and fuel cell. Following this we will then try a better coil over.  This should make a stout package for the comps later in the year.

Thanks again to all those that help with the Drift Car, DC Autos Yokine, Hyper Drive and Penrite Oil

Next blog I’ll try and touch on the Kenda K20A tyres I’ve been trying from DC Autos, so sign up for updates and specials HERE.

Please keep your feedback coming and let us know what you’re working on.

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