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Ben from Nanna Motorsports - 2JZ JZX110

Brent Peters #keepdriftingfun #luxeperformance 2jz Drift jzx

After our quick write up about our mate Stewart from Darwin thought we’d keep it going with a profile of one the loosest units in the top end Ben from Nanna Motorsports.

Ben runs a big boy 2jz powered Toyota Mark2 JZX110 Aka Bad Nanna

To fund the rebuild he’s slaves away as a technician at Advanced Weighing Technology NT - also rumoured to be the go to guy for Tokyo Bananas and Japanese flavoured Kit-Kats

Favourite drink: Sailor Jerry and coke

Favorite driver - local: Me myself and I

Favourite famous driver: Naoki Nakamura is just a freak behind the wheel of a drift car.  (Agreed best chase driver out)

Eat, sleep, drift, repeat. living life to the full is pretty much Bens life, he truly is a Jap car nut along with the JZX110 he also has a collection dreams are made of -  R32GTR 700hp weapon, R34 4 door RB25 high mount work in progress, His every patient wife Stacey S13 SR20 powered track car and to top it off a mark2 jzx100 that lives in japan.

Bad Nanna is currently undergoing an extensive rebuild new 2jz, bigger Turbo, trick carbon intake manifold, full national spec cage, rear mounted radiator etc the list goes on. Keep an eye on the Nanna Motorsport page for updates.

Thanks Ben for the shout out “Have to Thank luxe performance for all there help with all the new parts for all the race cars thank you. Full day slides FTW Baking Cakes is where it's at.”

If you’re in Darwin and what a good time make sure you look up Ben and the Top End Drift Association Crew.

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