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Five Things You Can Learn From Our First Blog Post

Brent Peters #luxeperformance

After years of toying with different forms of motorsport and generally being addicted to anything with an engine, we wanted to make this addiction a sustainable part of our life. Below are five things you can learn about us in our first blog post.

Who are we?

Andrea & Brent, we are couple based in Perth Western Australia. We have been in Perth for two years now after relocating from Darwin. Perth is a great city but do miss the dry season up in Darwin.

Andreas back ground is in Travel and logistics and Brent’s a Maintenance Planner, and also volunteers at the track and is a CAMS Silver scrutineer. When we’re not racing you can find us at the beach with our Dog and any other spare time is normally spent with Brent drooling over sprint cars.

What do we drive?

Currently Brent has been dabbling in drifting with a Nissan Skyline (props to Nathan Sixsmith for the killer shot from Barbagallo Raceway), the Skyline runs a fairly basic 400hp turbo 2.5L 6 with a billet T56 box and typical drift mods, modified knuckles, rack moved forward, adjustable arms, duel rear calipers, full cage, seats, harnesses etc.

Andrea has a sweet lil convertible Mazda Rx7 road car with stout bridge-ported turbo 13b Rotary.

We also have a Toyota V8 powered Rx7 which is set up for hill climbs and club racing, though the skyline has been getting all the love of late.

Why sell race apparel?

As we were getting more and more serious with the competition side of motorsport we just couldn’t get good gear locally; or when we could we couldn’t justify the local prices of the big chain race stores. Like most racers, we spent a lot of time trying to find the best quality certified gear at the lowest price possible. This led to finding some great suppliers and manufacturers that were happy to help and now are able help other drivers and teams get the right gear at the best prices.

How are we different to other online stores?

We are local and hold the basics in stock and specialize in having the right product at the right price when you need it. We also have proven technology behind our store to make it easy to get gear with a referral program that’s second to none.

What’s the future for LUXE Performance?

We could write the typical sales speech here about expanding and taking over the world but to be honest we just want to be a great local alternative to the big chain stores for the necessities. We really want to be able support drivers and teams with great products and personalised discounts where we can. And, if Andrea lets me I’d love to move towards getting into a wingless sprint car……….

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